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Why have insurance?

Fire, windstorm, roof leak or burglary can happen anywhere and to anyone. Although you have chosen a safe and secure place to live, your landlord is probably not responsible for damage that may occur to your property.

For as little as 60 cents per day, you can protect your property with Renter's Insurance from Deans & Homer. When you rent an apartment at one of our certified communities, you are automatically eligible to purchase Renter's Insurance. We offer low-cost policies with a variety of payment plans.

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What if I have a claim?
  • Call 800.548.1616 for a claims representative.
  • If the loss was caused by theft, file a report with your local police or sheriff's department.
  • Take reasonable action to prevent further loss or damage from occurring to your property.
  • Do not dispose of damaged property until we have had an opportunity to inspect it.
  • Make a complete inventory of the lost or damaged property.

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