How do I file a claim?

What else do I need to do if I have a claim?

  • If the loss was caused by theft, also file a report at the police department.
  • Take reasonable action to prevent further loss or damage from occurring to undamaged property.
  • Do not dispose of or repair damaged property until the insurance company has had an opportunity to inspect it.
  • Make a complete inventory of the lost or damaged property, including the date of purchase, place of purchase and the price paid. We will require reasonable documentation to prove value and ownership of the lost or damaged property.
  • If possible, take photographs of the damaged property.
  • Please read the policy form for details regarding coverage and the basis of payment after a loss.

How does the insurance company know what I have?

If you suffer a loss, the Company will need you to provide information and material to show that you owned the property claimed and how much it is worth. The policy requires that you provide documentation such as receipts, photographs, owner's manuals, or bank or credit card statements that can be used to show ownership and value of the items, including how much it cost when you purchased it and the age of the item. You may want to keep a copy of such documentation at a place other than your apartment (such as at work or at a relative’s residence).